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Track - Report - Revise - Repeat

Every online marketing spend reaches lots of potential customers who were too busy to engage the moment they saw it, whose attention wasn’t engaged by the message, or who just happened to miss the placement altogether.

At Fraktle, our in-depth reports and longitudinal analysis help tell the story of each user-touch: where it occurred, what elements they engage with, and what was effective with similar user profiles.

Laser focus on the customer

At Fraktle our focus in not only what a customer might want to buy, but how a customer wishes to communicate with the marketer.

Our analysts, engineers, and response specialists are constantly listening to customers to determine the best and most effective ways to communicate with each individual

Hearing the little guy

Although our clientele has large consumer audiences, we focus our attention on the specific customers that our marketing campaigns touch.

We do this because we know that in the long run by understanding the needs and desires of a client’s customers, we'll be more efficient with budgets, touch fewer customers, all while generating more revenue.

No one wants poorly targeted ad campaigns that are ignored, or that are inappropriate for an audience. At Fraktle we are always listening

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